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Carlsson Race

Carlsson Racer wins at the Nürburgring

Carlsson's CK 35 RS Racer based on the Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 continues to go from strength to strength.

At the 31. RCM DMV Grenzlandrennen on 5 July at the 'Nordschleife' of the Nürburgring the CK35 RS is winning his first race in 2008.
Carlsson Race

Carlsson Racer CK35 RS new dressed for the season 2008

After 3 years the team from Brückner Motorsport is changing the colour for the CK35 RS.
Carlsson Racer CK 35 RS

Carlsson Racer CK35 RS:
Carlsson Racer wins at the Nürburgring

Carlsson's CK 35 RS Racer based on the Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 continues to go from strength to strength. Following 2nd place on 29 July 2006, the car has now taken 1st place at the 6 Hours Race in Class SP 6 up to 3.5 litres. Perfect preparatory work by the pit team and faultless, constant driving on the part of all four drivers was rewarded by first place in class and 11th place overall (out of 228 starters) and the lead in Class SP 6 up to 3.5 litres in the VLN Long Distance Championship around the 'Nordschleife' of the Nürburgring.
Carlsson Race

Good times for a good cause –

Carlsson has already demonstrated its tendency to individualism and unconventionality on more than one occasion. Of particular note within the CK35 RS project is the co-operation between the Carlsson Racing Team and STAR CARE. This commitment takes the form not just of advertising stickers on bonnet and boot, but a 100 percent partnership. STAR CARE is an aid organisation of the staff of DaimlerChrysler AG. STAR CARE is supporting social projects for needy children. Thus the Carlsson CK35 RS did not only bring happiness to the fans. „RIDING FOR HANDICAPPED CHILDREN“ is an initiative that Carlsson has been supporting for many years. Every day the Carlsson horse “Sally” brings happiness to handicapped children and youth and in many cases concretely betters their well-being. Both of them received a fixed donation from the Carlsson Racing Team for every lap completed at the Nürburgring 24-hour race 2006. At the end an amount of 2.360 Euro could be passed to the organisations one half each.
Carlsson Race

For the Season 2006

For 2006 there is only one goal: to go on grooming the Carlsson CK35 RS for further victories. On the agenda is a radical overhaul, involving the shedding of approx. 115 kg plus various aerodynamic modifications. Thanks to the engine specialists and developers at Carlsson, the CK35 RS will also be getting a new engine, so that the Brückner/Ketterer and Gusenbauer trio will have approx. 375 horsepower (previously 335 HP) at their disposal in the quest for the class victory. 2006 also brings a personel change, and the Carlsson Alpine Racing Team is fortunate experts on the “Nordschleife”, both with a track record of motor sports achievements, e.g. the European Hill Climbing Championship or the Drift Challenge organised by ’Sport Auto‘.The above described modifications and the new driving team are set to put the Carlsson Alpine Racing Team way out in front among the professionals. The goal for 2006 is to finish in the top ten in the Nürburgring 24-hour race and the BF Goodrich Long Distance Championship.
Carlsson Race

The results of the 2005

Class victory, second places and pole position were a testimony to the potential of the CK35 RS and the Carlsson Alpine Racing Team in 2005.
The CK35 RS had its first outing at the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring last May. After 5 hours’ racing, the Carlsson Alpine Racing Team formed by Rainer Brückner, Frank Steinmeier, Ralf Schall and Ellen Lohr was already 13th in the overall ranking: that is, until disaster struck in the form of transmission damage. At the BF Goodrich Long Distance Championship on the legendary “Nordschleife” The Carlsson Racer produces 20bhp/6.500rpm and 400 Nm/3500rpm. It can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.8 seconds and reach a top speed of 265 km/h. All tuning components are largely identical with Carlsson’s TUV-approved series products. The CK35 RS will set the pulses of motor-racing fans beating wildly as it makes life difficult for the amazingly
successful BMW M3 in the legendary "green hell". The aim of the Carlsson Racer is, in common with its predecessors, to achieve a class victory and to finish in the top ten.
Carlsson Race

Carlsson at the 24h Race/Nürburgring

The racetrack has its own laws and rarely are winning or losing so close together as in motor racing. The Carlsson Racing Team experienced this during the 24h Race at the Nürburgring 2003.
At the Youngtimer Race Ingvar Carlsson set the pace with the fastest lap of 11 minutes, 13 seconds. Together with H.J. Wetter, he finished the race as winner in his class. At the subsequent 24h event, however, the Swedish racing driver and his team colleagues, Frank Schmickler, Tim Schrick and Akira Iida in the SLK 320 Kompressor had to retire from the race at an early stage.
Due to a bad gear change, which led to the engine overreving and, consequently, to valve damage, the Carlsson racer had to be retired shortly after the race began. Despite immediate repair work, continuing the race proved to be impossible.
Carlsson Race

2003 Carlsson driver Jean-Pierre Strugo wins his class in the Cross Country Rally Worldcup

You have to be keen on extremes to undergo this stress and strain. Also in 2003, the team Jean-Pierre Strugo/Pascal Larroque met the challenge of the Cross Country Rally Worldcup supported by Carlsson. Three weeks through the desert at full throttle. From Marseille to Sharm El Sheik: over 8,652 kilometres of nothing but sun, sand and stones as prelude of the Rally Raid season 2003.

Last year, they achieved an outstanding third place in their Mercedes-Benz ML. This year, their efforts were crowned by victory in the petrol-driven class. In the overall ranking, they took 16 th place in the world’s hardest rally.
After thousands of kilometer through all continents, the team Strugo/Larroque could assert their position until the end of the season and they finished als world champion in the class of production and prototype