Carlsson GLE Coupé C292

Carlsson GLE Coupé C292

Carlsson Sport Program

With the combination of the SUV and the sensual lines of a coupé, you attract all glances. The deep-drawn roof line gives the GLE Coupé, despite its size, a sporty dynamic touch, which is further emphasized by the aero package developed by Carlsson.



The horizontal lines of the rear gain their wide shape through the design of the rear lights, which is underlined by the Carlsson rear spoiler and the Carlsson rear apron insert. With its integrated diffuser and the four carbon tailpipes, the rear apron insert makes the GLE Coupé look significantly deeper.

The front design of the GLE Coupé with its power domes on the engine bonnet and the coupé grille typical of the Mercedes-Benz Coupés, whose single lamella centers the Carlsson horse, provides an impressive appearance in the rear-view mirror of your front car. The Carlsson air intake frames visually underline the power of the installed units and their greed for air. Similar to the rear, the front spoiler with the integrated RS lip and fins running out at the sides gives the GLE Coupé a sporty and elegant look.



If the optical lowering of the Carlsson aero package is still not enough, the Carlsson suspension can reduce the height of the GLE Coupé by a further 25 mm without adversely affecting driving dynamics. The GLE Coupé is almost like a sporty Shooting Brake.



Furthermore, Carlsson offers the right wheel for the GLE Coupé with the rim design 1/5 Revo II in the size 10 x 22 ", shown here in the glossy black limited DARK SERIES.



For the high-performance customer, of course, for all engine variants of the GLE Coupé are available.