smart fortwo 453
Carlsson Sport Program

smart fortwo 453

Carlsson Sport Program

How much luxury can you pack into 2.70 meters? Carlsson provides the answer with their  smart fortwo (453). Labelled Carlsson CK10, the distinctive aerodynamic components and alloy wheels of this tiny wonder make it stand out from the crowd. The 17-inch Carlsson Revo III DS alloy wheels fill out the wheel arches, while Carlsson sport springs lower the ride height, giving the car a more purposeful stance.

The Carlsson front spoiler and rear roof spoiler deliver a sleeker look and aid stability at speed. A matching rear valance, with cut-outs for the four-tailpipe sports exhaust, completes the sporty look. The bespoke interior, upholstered in the finest leather trim, is befitting of a small luxury car. Carlsson customers can specify a wide variety of colours and finishes to make their car truly individual.

  1. Performance Upgrade
    Price on Request
  2. Sport lowering smart ED/EQ 453
    31C4530170 O
    299,00 € (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
  3. Door sills
    521660600 M
    99,00 € (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
  4. "Carlsson“ insignia
    99500125 M
    59,00 € (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
  5. Rear skirt insert smart ED/EQ 453
    429,00 € (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
  6. Sport lowering smart cabrio 453
    31C4530160 O
    333,00 € (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
  7. Floor mat trunk smart coupé/cabrio/ED/EQ 453
    52C4530120 M
    109,00 € (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
  8. Floor mat set smart coupé/cabrio/ED/EQ 453
    52C4530150 M
    129,00 € (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
  9. Aluminum hand brake lever handle smart coupé/cabrio/ED/EQ 453
    52C4530280 M
    189,00 € (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
  10. Aluminum foot rest smart coupé/cabrio/ED/EQ 453
    52C4530255 M
    129,00 € (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
  11. Aluminum pedal covers smart coupé/cabrio/ED/EQ 453
    52C4531250 M
    159,00 € (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)
  12. Shift paddles smart coupé/cabrio 453
    52C4530300 M
    179,00 € (incl. VAT, plus shipping costs)